Tue, 14 July 2020

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PWU BSN Class 1979 gives back big!

Philippine Women’s University College of Nursing Class 1979 gives back big! The class is donating $5,450.00 to PWU Manila. This fund was raised during their last grand reunion in Las Vegas. Chairwomen of the event were Jacy McLaughlin and Anadaisy Duarte Garcia. The donation will be divided to fund the following projects

(1) support the final boost scholarship program to help graduating nursing graduates who because of financial difficulty due to death, unemployment of a parent could not complete their senior year

(2) to fund the PWU School of Nursing community outreach as part of their Public Health nursing by serving the poor and disadvantaged people  

(3) to provide needed equipments and tools that will enhance learning such as computers, projectors, etc.

In behalf of PWU, PWUNAAA, we are extending our gratitude to each and every member of PWU College of Nursing Class 1979 for their contributions.