Fri, 18 September 2020


Alumnus, Alma Mater and Alumni Association

Alumnus (fem.alumna) comes from the Latin word alumnare, which means “to nourish, bring up, educate”. An alumna is therefore a “nursling, a foster-daughter, a pupil” 

Alma is that which is nourishing, cherishing, restoring, reviving, kind, indulgent, bountiful.

Mater means that which is producing cause, origin or source, shelter, home and then nurse, or she who feeds the baby with milk from her breasts.  

Putting the words together alma mater fully communicates in its truest meaning the all-important role a school plays in the formation of her student’s character, intellectual well being way beyond its walls or campus after graduation. 

The student and the alma mater school must continue to maintain their filial, maternal and paternal relationships developed during those years of early training and sharing in the vast, all encompassing and never ending search for knowledge and discovery of the human spirit and world around us. 

What is pwunursing alumni association: A gathering of alumni/ae aware that they have to preserve among themselves this sense of loyalty and connection with their alma mater, to nourish in their daily experience of the present the flame of inspiration and idealism imbibed in their days in school. 

The Philwomenian is like the ever-thirsty deer constantly drinking fresh water from the free flowing fountain of wisdom, love and inspiration which is Philippine Women’s University.  In turn, the Philwomenian, like the good and loving foster-child, shares with the foster-parent that interactive relationship between them by the example of their lives, mutually enriching each other for the better in that constant and never-ending process of self renewal, individually and collectively.