Fri, 18 September 2020



Lorna Hermogino Garcia, class 1976

Lorna was nominated Alaska Nurse of the Year

Maria Luz Tabbakh, MSN, NPc

PWU College of Nursing Achiever: Maria Luz Tabbakh, MSN, NPc EDUCATION Masters of Science in Nursing Bachelors of Science in Nursing Wayne State University Philippine Women’s University Detroit,  Michigan Manila,  Philippiines CURRENT LICENSURE AND...

Susan Dupaya Llorente, Class 1971

Susan Llorente: Named Nurse of the Year at the University of California San Diego Hospital.                                                                      Susan Llorente, BSN, CNIII, from thr 5th floor IMU has...

Dr. Minda Manalo

Minda Manalo is a Medical Specialist III at San Lazaro Hospital, Senior Medical Consultant specializing in infectious diseases. She studied medicine after her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Philippine Women’s University. 

Ruby Quijano Ilagan, awardee, class 1978

  Essay: Ms. Ruby Ilagan is a day-rotating RN/ charge nurse working on SCI-CLC (RCF) at Edward Hines VA Hospital.  In addition on Fridays, Ms. Ilagan has willingly volunteered to function as the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic Nurse.  Ms Ilagan exhibits...

Dr. Priscilla Limbo Sagar, author: Transcultural Nursing Theory and Modules, Class 1977

Priscilla Limbo Sagar, EdD, RN, ACNS-BC, CTN-A, class 1977. Dr. Sagar has a BS in Nursing from the Philippine Women’s University. At graduation, she received the following awards: honorable mention in academics, faculty silver medal for clinical excellence,...

Malou Loida Yumul Sevilla, Class 1977-Health Heroes 2011

  Health Heroes 2011 granted to Malou Sevilla by a European based consortium of non governmental consortium, given in Brussells, Belgium in June, 2011. 

Memoir fo a Filipino-American Nurse: Book by Mrs. Naty Espiritu

LIVING A LIFE OF FAITH AND LOVE- MEMOIR OF A FILIPINO-AMERICAN NURSE [BOOK] BY Natividad Cabato Laurella-Espiritu “Writing about the story of my life was an especially emotional as well as spiritual experience, and I oftentimes found difficulties...

Councilwoman Agnes Zulit Ramirez, Class 1974

Councilwoman Agnes Zulit Ramirez, Batangas City, Philippines. Third term. Agnes came from a family of politicians.

Dame Colonel Odelia Tablit-Class 1966

Dame Colonel Odelia Tablit, US Army was knighted in Warsaw, Poland as a Dame of OSMTH International in July, 2011. Odie, we salute you!