Fri, 18 September 2020


Moderator’s Message

It is an ambitious task to  feature the Before And Now Photos of PWU alumni from Nursing Class 1964 to the present. It is thus a given that this will be a slow and challenging task, but a  worthwhile and monumental project.  

Remembering one’s classmates of several years ago and seeing them now, even just in pictures, brings back precious memories. “Will I recognize them now after we had last seen each other 30, 40 or 50 years ago?”  or “Will they in turn recognize me?”  “What are they up to now?”

“How about our teachers? It will be nice to once again see, talk and tell them how helpful that Nursing Care Plan lessons were!”  

So no matter how long it takes, we will gather as much as possible pictures and stories about each other and once again reconnect with one another – our classmates, batch mates, schoolmates and teachers from our beloved Alma Mater – the Philippine Women’s University.

The plan was/is  to scan pictures from our Maroon And White college yearbook, then take solo shots when opportunities arose in recent and during current class reunions. At this early infancy of our website, pictures were received in the mail  from alumni and some were shared via Facebook.

The Achievers’ Section will feature our graduates who have achieved higher education, who are in managerial positions, or an officer of a major organization. We encourage our alumni to provide us with more names to be featured and added to our Achievers’ Section.

There is a In Memoriam Section for those who passed on and joined our Savior, Lord Jesus. 

We are accepting Articles for our website. 

The website can also be a source of information for all the ongoing and upcoming class reunions particularly the October 11, 12, 2013 First PWU Nursing Alumni and Faculty Reunion at sunny San Diego, California.

We are inviting all Nursing classes from the past to the present, including all the former and current Nursing Faculty Members to be part of this project and reunion! 

We need plenty of help in collecting, identifying, correcting pictures/names/years. Errors are not intentional. If you want your picture(s) and/or write-up(s) and articles changed or removed, please email us at or

Thank you very much!